Month: May 2013

Live Your Life…Like a BOSS!!!

We all want a fabulous life, right? I know I do and I can guess that you do too. You have everything you need to make it happen. You have a unique gift that you were born to share with the world and when you do, amazing things will come to you! I truly believe that. It wasn’t an accident that you were put here at this specific time, in this specific place. There will never be another you and if you don’t share what you have to give, listen now, this is important- you are STEALING from those who need you the most. Ya heard!?


So let’s all start living life with and on purpose! And doing our thang…like a BOSS!

This little kiddo says it best. If you get nothing from this post, just watch this video. It will make your day. I think it made my life.


“I  have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more Love.” Mother Teresa

“A  loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.” Thomas Carlyle

Hey peeps!

This weekend was my 25th birthday! I’m a quarter-of-a-century old and I’ve been inundated with so much overwhelming love lately that I thought, what a perfect subject to write about. Love is such an infinite topic, but I just want to focus on one aspect today. So what this post is not about: being single, relationship troubles, sex, waking up next to your room-mate’s ex-boyfriend with a nasty hang-over and a possible STD…forget all the boy-girl messy stuff for now. I’m sure I’ll get to that in another post…Eh, except the room-mate/STD thing. Don’t think I wanna touch that subject :/…What I want to delve into here is pure Love. Love in its most simple capacity.

I was listening to a podcast by self-transformation leader, Mastin Kipp (if you don’t know him you need to check him out at and he was interviewing Robert Holden, best-selling author and expert on self-acceptance. At one point Holden threw out this gem that stuck with me-”The way I feel is that the only way you’re ever going to love someone is if you’re willing to love everyone. If you’re not going to love everyone, you will not be able to love someone.” Blew. My. Mind. People.

Love is all-inclusive and we are all connected so it only makes sense that we need to Love each other.
Love is acceptance and Love is compassion and I don’t know about you, but I think we could use a hell of a lot more of those two things in our world right now.

Lov-ing is something we definitely need to do more of.

It seems so simple, but if you consider it, Loving is really a daring thing! To Love means being completely vulnerable. And to Love all the time is hella-scary! That’s why there’s such a natural tendency to keep our hearts guarded. We feel we are protecting something. Occasionally we open our hearts to those we believe deserve it and to those we believe we can trust not to hurt us. Then we close right back up again when we are the least bit unsure. Think about how often you have truly opened your heart to someone. How many people? If you can count how many, that’s too few. What would happen if you opened your heart to everyone? What if you Love a person who has hurt you? What if you Love a complete stranger? Radical idea? Maybe.

The thing is, when you keep your heart in a constant state of openness, love, abundance and positive energy are free to flow into your life. The most exciting thing to me is this idea of abundance. Why do we “save” our love? What is this idea that we need to save our love for one person? Who sold us that idea!? Our Love isn’t on reserve! We don’t have a certain amount of Love in us and once it’s gone we can’t get any more. Just the opposite. Give all your Love away! Whore your Love out to everyone and see what happens. I promise you, extraordinary things will happen!

I, personally don’t want my heart to have a lock and key. I want my heart to be a giant fabulous party where everyone is welcome and the champagne is free-flowing!

I want to begin a project. I like to experiment on myself to see what works so I am going to practice this and if others want to join me I would be thrilled. I am going to practice loving EVERYONE I come in contact with. I am going to love my friends, co-workers, strangers I pass on the street, the lady invading my space on the subway…and I’m going to observe what happens. I’ve been playing with this a little bit lately and it’s already yielded some awesome results so I’m crazy excited to see what happens when I commit fully to it. I’m going to give it a year and I’m going to periodically take inventory and see what changes in my life.

The worst that could happen is nothing. People go on living their lives oblivious to my love for them, the world keeps spinning at the rate it’s always spun and I’ve wasted a year loving a whole lot of people. Doesn’t sound like much to lose. But, the amount there is to gain!? Well, that’s as infinite as the topic of Love.

Till next time!

Luv ya ;)

Quit Fearing Fear

“Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”


That quote got me thinking about fear. How scary is it to do your own thing!? You think, “who am I to do things differently?”

“What if I try something new and I fail?”

“People will think I’m foolish or stupid!”

I’m dealing with it right now. For me, starting this blog was an enormous fear! I toyed with the idea for years, but I was too scared to do it.

“What if it’s stupid?”

“What if I don’t get any readers?”

“What if it ends up being a ginormous failure!?”

That’s me, out there, on the internet, exposed for the world to judge. Scary!

But the thing is, our fears are glaring signs for us to stretch our boundaries; To get out of our comfortable safe little boxes and take a leap of faith. And it’s thrilling because when you exercise your muscle against fear, you open up possibilities that weren’t there before.

It’s a concept that has to do with yoga-you pause in these challenging, sometimes god-awful poses (chair pose, ahem!) and you breathe through it. It’s horrible and overwhelming and you start to shake, but you get familiar with being uncomfortable. You immerse yourself in it because once you come out of it, you understand that the pose hasn’t done you in. You’re still here, and you’re stronger for getting through it. Then a challenge comes up that has nothing to do with yoga, but you know know how to handle it. You breathe and you get through it and you recognize that it’s not going to do you in.

The kicker? Fear never goes away. It will be by your side through every decision you face, every day you are alive. Might as well get to know it, right? You can’t run away from it. It’ll follow you like Creepy Apartment Guy. No? Just me? Maybe it’s time to move…

It’s always going to be scary. That’s what fear is, duh, but it’s also incredibly empowering when you face it head on and give fear the finger. This blog is me giving fear the finger. So I hope you will join me and raise your finger to fear, whatever that means for you. I think this little blog is going to be an incredible, scary, exciting, sexy and fun journey ;)

Keep it Passionate Peeps!