Hey loves,

Working in a restaurant, I have unusual hours. I usually go to work around 3pm and don’t get out until sometime after 12am. On the bright side, I avoid rush hour and enjoy supreme flexibility with my schedule. I try to coordinate my days off with the Chef’s, which is generally only one day a week for him. Because of that we try to make it count. At some point during the day, even while doing the simplest things together I declare that it is the Best. Day Eveeeer! I totally mean it, but it’s become a silly joke between us :)

Our day is usually Monday so this is how we ended our Sunday night:IMG_0926

What can I say? We like to get a head start. Overachievers 😉

And here is my idea of the perfect start to our day off:


We trekked through rainy ice pelts to visit my friend at the coffee shop he works at. I call him The Coffee Whisperer. Seriously, any espresso machine this man touches turns out the best cup I’ve ever had. His soy latte was enough to make braving that weather totally worth it!

A morning latte isn’t complete without a sweet treat. We enjoyed a maple glazed scone that was light, flakey and vegan! It’s always a bonus when I find a treat to satisfy the Chef’s sweet tooth and my nutritional standards.

After coffee we wandered around the neighborhood, stopped in cute shops and a really cool liquor store. All of the bottles have a tag around the neck featuring unique tidbits about the spirit inside.IMG_0928

A new Whole Foods opened up a week ago so you know I needed to check it out. While exploring, we came up with the best idea! I’ll be sharing the recipe in a few days, but for now, I’ll give you a hint:


Looks like breakfast ingredients, huh? Nope, not even close :b

We finished the night with some dinner and vino that I picked out at the liquor store.IMG_0943

Twas loverly :)

Now off to bed. Have a great night, friends!



…after writing this post I realized the whole day pretty much revolved around food and bev. Anyone else think good food and drank is essential to a good day. Or…OR…The Best. Day. Eveeeer!?

Too much?


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