Hey there ladies,

I have a hot tip for you today!

I’m a huge fan of at-home workouts. I believe there are no excuses to getting fit if you really want to and at-home body-weight workouts are one of the ways I kick excuses in the tush. However, there are times I crave a good group class. I crave the group spirit and awesome playlists. And yea, sometimes I want to pay someone else to motivate me.

The only thing that usually keeps me from signing up for memberships is locking myself into one type of class. I love ALL types of workouts and a $300 a month membership to one boutique fitness studio doesn’t get me super excited.

So out of nowhere comes a GENIUS service called Classpass that obliterates all of my group workout hang-ups.

I am in LOVE with the concept behind Classpass. A membership that gives you access to the best boutique studios, yoga, pilates, Barry’s Bootcamp, Exhale. Guys, these are premium classes!

Here’s how it works: You pay $100 per month for 10 classes per month and you can go to one studio 3 times per month. (There’s also a deal right now for members where you receive unlimited classes for summer!)

I didn’t know this when I signed up, but if you don’t cancel and no-show for a class, they charge you $20. Talk about accountability! I actually really like this policy. I hate losing money so I’m not going to miss a workout. Win. Win.

I’m so in love with Classpass. I’ve been a member for a few months now and am so pleased with the service. I’ve been raving about it to whoever seems interested in fitness or group classes. My only regret is that I didn’t think of the concept myself!

So that’s my hot tip for today. Classpass is only available in the NYC area right now, but I’ve heard rumors of expansion so I highly recommend keeping an eye out.

Happy Sweating!


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