Hey there my loves,

I have a treat for you today. I’m going to share with you my number one way to get, and keep a flat tummy!

But first, I have a question for you…

How’s your poop?

Lol, so this obviously isn’t going to be a heartfelt post about loving who you are, but it is going to be about something that will make you feel really good about yourself.

Come on now, be super honest. Don’t you feel great after a good poop? I do. No shame. I poop every day and I can tell you, I get super cranky if I skip a day.

Kidding aside, paying attention to your poop will tell you everything you need to know about your digestion and your digestion is the key to your health and getting a trim, tight tummy you feel confident about.

So how do you improve your digestion, you ask?

There are many ways, but to keep it simple I’m going to focus on an easy, effective method that’s going to give you immediate results.

Eat. Fermented. Foods.

Fermented foods should be a part of your diet just as much as fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. They are full of gut-healthy probiotics and good bacteria that keep your intestinal flora balanced and maximize the absorption of nutrients in your food. Fermented foods should be an every day requirement.

There are so many different kinds of fermented foods, you can really pick your favorites, or like me, make sure you have a bunch of different kinds in your fridge at one time for variety.

Here are some of the most common types:









All of these fermented foods will deliver good-for-your-tummy probiotics, but my top three for ease of use, effectiveness and taste would have to be kimchi, saurkraut and kombucha.


Kimchi may seem intimidating, but once you taste it I think you will change your mind. Kimchi is made from cabbage so it has a great crunchy texture and a pickled, spicy, slightly garlicky flavor. Any kind of egg dish topped with kimchi is delicious. You can also add it to sandwiches or stir-fry. You can find kimchi in any specialty grocery store or Asian market.


Most people grew up eating saurkraut on their hotdogs or alongside pork chops, but did you know you were eating something super healthy!? Well, almost. Commercial, processed saurkraut isn’t the good stuff I’m talking about, but look no further than good ol’ Trader Joes to find raw, naturally fermented saurkraut. A great sandwich topper and slaw-enhancer, I’ll be completely honest-I snack on saurkraut straight out of the jar while making my eggs in the morning. The chef thinks it’s gross, but you only need 1 tablespoon a day so I’m not shoveling it in, and I prefer to do my bathroom business in the morning so it works great for me :b


Probably my favorite fermented food, you don’t have to figure out what to do with kombucha. You just drink it. Easy, peasy.  Kombucha tastes like a tangy, effervescent slightly sweet tea, which is exactly what it is. You can find kombucha in most bodegas, grocery stores and markets nowadays, but a typical 16oz bottle will run you about $4. I prefer to make my own homemade kombucha. That way I can make multiple jars that end up costing pennies.


Making kombucha at home is a pretty simple process as long as you follow a few rules:

1. Make sure your tools, jars and anything coming in contact with the tea and scoby (the culture used to ferment your tea and turn it into kombucha) are clean and sterile.

2. Only use wood or plastic tools. Metal will weaken the kombucha and it won’t ferment properly. I learned this one the hard way 😉

3. Most people are afraid of brewing their own kombucha because they are afraid it could go bad or moldy without them knowing. You will know if your kombucha is bad! You will see blueish green moldy spots on your scoby. If that is the case, throw out the batch and start again. In all my years of brewing, I’ve never made a bad batch of kombucha.

You can find a scoby on the internet or sometimes at farmers markets. I got mine on Etsy. The scoby was free with $6 shipping. Pretty sweet if you ask me! The scoby itself was organic, thick and the seller had great reviews.

Once you have your scoby, you can get to brewing!

1.) Start by boiling 10 cups of water. Turn off the heat and add 1 cup of sugar and 8 tea bags to the water. Any plain black or green tea works. I use Lipton black tea. Simple and cheap.


2.) Let your tea come to room temperature before adding it to a 1 gallon glass jar. Add the scoby and the starter liquid it came packaged in. The scoby may sink to the bottom or float on top. Either is perfectly fine.

3.) Cover the opening with a paper towel or cheesecloth and a rubberband. I like to write the date with a marker on the paper towel so I can keep track of how long my tea has been fermenting. Find a dark place to keep your brew where it won’t be disturbed.

4.) Check the kombucha after 7 days. There will be a baby scoby floating on top by now. It should look like the momma, but it will be a little thinner. Use a plastic spoon to taste the brew. If you would like it stronger, leave it for a few more days and check again. Keep checking until you’ve reached the flavor you want.

5.) When you like your brew, transfer it to glass jars and seal with lids. Save 2 cups of kombucha and submerge your scoby in it to keep it for your next batch.

6.) One more step! Place your kombucha back in it’s fermenting spot and leave it for 1-2 days. This develops carbonation so your kombucha will be refreshingly fizzy :)


There you have it! I like to throw away the oldest scoby after 2-3 times, but you can reuse the baby ones or gift them to friends. Maybe make sure they know about kombucha before handing them a bag of liquid with a beige thingy floating around in it, haha!

I hope I cleared up a few things about fermented foods and maybe encouraged you to give them a try. Eat them on the regular and I know your tummy will thank me :)

Do you already eat fermented foods?

Which are your favorites and how do you like to eat them?

Anyone else going to admit they feel great after a good poop? ;D


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  1. I hear ya sista! I also feel cranky all day if I don’t have my morning poop. Love kimchi which I just eat out of the jar. Which I have to admit the first time I tried it I was a little freaked out. But its delicious if you like garlicky, spicy food. And like the kombucha. By the way…thanks it was delicious ;0).

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