Lemon Sorbet Champagne CocktailHiiiii!

Happy New Year’s Eve everybody!

I feel like this year everyone is particularly excited for 2015. I see all over Facebook, people declaring they are going to make it the best year ever! There are lots of resolutions being made too.

I love the new year, but I don’t really ever make resolutions. In my own experience, resolutions set me up to fail. I get hyped up and excited imagining this amazing brand new “me” and then January 1st comes and it’s just another day with the same to-do’s, habits and such. Maybe it’s all the sparkles and glitter of New Year’s Eve that makes resolutions seem so alluring, but really they are just goals. I’m all for goals. Love them! But I make goals throughout the year. Why save them for one specific day?

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So, instead of making New Years resolutions, I like to pick a word for the year ahead. The word I pick reflects how I want to feel. I love this tradition because it has nothing to do with succeeding or failing, like resolutions do. It’s really about aligning with what is important to you and reminding yourself how you want to feel on the daily.

Last year my word was courage.

~I started my website last year

~I began to share my thoughts and writing with all of you (hella scary for me, btw!)

~ I got my personal training certification

All of these things, plus many more, were acts of courage for me. They were all scary, but  I’m so glad I made them happen.

This year I have decided that my word is going to be Authentic.

I want to step into my authentic self even more in 2015. I’ve discovered that being authentic feels really good. I’m going to commit to embracing who I am with no apologies and no censors. (Well, maybe a few censors when I’m around children, ha!) I believe that when we fully embrace who we are, we give permission, and inspire others to do the same.

I’m leaving you, this final day of 2014, with a cocktail my sister created. It’s fresh, light and sparkly. (Coincidentally also how I want to feel in the new year!)


Lemon Sorbet Champagne Cocktail 2

Lemon Sorbet Champagne Cocktail

Makes 1 cocktail

1 oz vodka

lemon sorbet

your favorite champagne or prosecco

mint leafs

Pour vodka into a champagne flute. Add bubbly leaving 1 inch at the top. Add a scoop of sorbet. Put a mint leaf in the palm of one hand and smack it with the other hand. Yes, that’s right. *Smack the leaf! Garnish your cocktail with beaten mint leaf. Drink up!

*Smacking is a bartender trick to release the oils and fragrance of your herbs. Try it! One good smack will do the trick and it’s kinda fun :)

Lemon Sorbet Champagne Cocktail 1I’d love to hear what your word of 2015 will be. Tell me in the comments below!

Have a fabulous and safe New Years Eve!

See you next year!



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2 Comments on What Will Your Word of the Year Be!?

  1. Love this!!!! I also feel the same about resolutions. My word is Determination! I had an amazing adventurous challenging 2014 & enjoyed every minute. I’m going to be determined to make 2015 even better! Happy New Year

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