She’s busy,
She’s courageous,
She’s sexy, attractive, powerful, confident and she has a secret.
She feels unstoppable and ready to take on the world in her 4 inch Choos and her Toms.
She’s a walking contradiction,
A mala-bead wearing, Michael Kors-bag toting dreamer with a degree.
She loves coffee and Kombucha.
She has a meditation pillow and her idea of a vision board is her Pintrest page.

…She’s me and if she’s you, welcome chica ;)


I’m Samantha and welcome to my blog. I consider myself a multi-passionate woman and I believe a lot of women today are also. I love fitness, nutrition, healthy living, dance, baking, cooking, trying new things and helping others. I’m constantly re-evaluating what is important to me. I’m finding out that family means more than money, and relationships mean more than working long hours. With that said, I also believe it’s hugely empowering to feel in control of your finances and I also believe that finding out what fires you up, and doing it is key to living your best life. I’m committed to both.

Tidbits about me:

I’ve been a dancer my entire life and received a BFA in Dance-Performance from SMU.

I went away to Texas for school, partly because it has a great dance program, and partly to see if going away would keep me from living in my parents house until my 30’s.

It worked. I currently live in NYC with 3 fabulous roomies whom I adore.

I’ve worked at Equinox and Lululemon (mainly for free gym memberships and deep discounts) but I love being around like-minded people so that was a plus too.

I’m about to move to Brooklyn to live with my boyfriend, who here I will refer to as the chef.

I have a huge passion for nutritious foods. Cooking for the chef will give me extra incentive to make said-nutritious meals extra delicious.

I was vegetarian for 3 years and vegan for 3 more. I’ve since found that eating a plant-based whole foods diet with the occasional lean protein is what my body likes.

It also really likes chocolate 😉

Thank you so much for checking out my site. If you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you.

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