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Beauty Picks: Skin Edition

Beauty Picks Skin Edition 8Oh hi!

Did you forget about me? Good, cuz I definitely didn’t forget about you 😉

So, I’ve realized that building a business is like having a baby…or correction, what I IMAGINE having a baby is like because I am certainly not there yet! It consumes all of your time to the point that you have to actively remember when the last time you showered was. Don’t worry, it was last night, but there have been bare nails, leg stubble (oops!) and 2 minute ponytails for the past few months.

Having very little time for a big beauty routine has made my skin care regimen that much more important these days. Since I don’t always (read: never) have more than 20 minutes to get my act together and my booty out the door in the morning, I’ve come to rely on some major skin savers that have been keeping the extra step of a full face of makeup from my routine.

A little back story about my skin: I’ve struggled with acne since I was 12. It was never severe enough to warrant serious medication, but it’s been persistent and I’ve tried all kinds of topical treatments. Throughout my teens and beyond, I’ve never had completely clear skin. Besides pesky pimples (that haven’t disappeared despite me being well out of my teens) I have skin tone issues and the beginning of fine lines on my forehead that suspiciously resemble my fathers. Not a feature I’m excited to inherit.

These products have made a serious difference in my skin, so let’s get right to it!

Beauty Picks Skin Edition 6If I had to choose one product that has made the most drastic change to my skin, this would be it. No exaggeration. As if I needed another reason to love Trader Joes, I found this Manuka honey and for only $10! I originally picked it up because I had heard that Manuka honey is a major superfood , and when I thought about its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties I wondered if anyone had tried it to treat acne. I googled, and lo and behold, I found a few sites that claimed it could!

I use it as a mask. First I wash my face with my usual cleanser and I leave my face wet. Water helps to activate the ingredients, but wipe your eyes and mouth dry because you don’t want honey dripping into places you don’t want it. Though there are worse tasting masks…

I leave it on for an hour or more. Since it’s soothing by nature you can’t leave it on too long and I can zone out on the couch, do laundry, pack lunch for the next day/all three and rinse it off before I get ready for bed.

This has reduced my acne SIGNIFICANTLY. I will only get an occasional pimple now when I forget to use it regularly.

Game changer award of the century.

Beauty Picks Skin EditionAfter my Manuka honey mask, this Roc Deep Wrinkle Night Repair goes on every night. It contains retinol which also helps clear acne by unclogging pores as well as even out skin tone and reduce wrinkles. All the things I need and at $24 it’s a great price.

Beauty Picks Skin Edition 7Have you guys heard of hyaluronic acid? It’s an ingredient that is found in soft tissue and cartilage to keep things pliable and supple. As a topical ingredient it holds moisture, but also adjusts according to humidity levels and climate. How cool is that!?

I first tried Hada Labo last winter when NOTHING would heal my flakey, dry, irritated skin. I tried coconut oil, all kinds of moisturizers etc. This was the only thing that my skin drank up like skin-soothing miracle water. And, ladies because hyaluronic acid holds moisture it plumps the skin, i.e. no more forehead wrinkles! I use it religiously every night and would cry if it was ever discontinued.

Beauty Picks Skin Edition 4My tried and true day moisturizer complete with vitamin C and SPF 30. I feel like it covers all the bases and is just a serious ol’ reliable that I keep coming back to whenever I feel like trying something new and different. It’s lightweight enough to use in the summer, but is still creamy enough to do the job in the winter. What!? Yea.

Beauty Picks Skin Edition 3 Beauty Picks Skin Edition 2I don’t like the feeling of a face full of makeup, so foundation was never a regular part of my beauty routine, but when I found this tinted moisturizer I fell in love! As I’ve gotten older, I also find that even skin tone looks a lot more polished and professional. This Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer is perfection. Lightweight, effortless to apply (I use my fingers and apply it like moisturizer. No brushes or sponges necessary) and I swear it gives a candlelit glow. Even coverage, SPF 30 and naturally healthy looking skin.

Done. Done. Done.

Beauty Picks Skin Edition 9So there you have it. My absolute favorite skin care products. I feel that a lot of products don’t deliver on their marketing promises, so I’m a very hard judge. When I find ones that do what they say they are supposed to do I’m loyal for life.

Are there any skin care products that you can’t live without? Any that have made a huge difference in your skin?

If you try any of these products let me know what you think in the comments below.

With so much love!


Coffee Hacks for Gorgeous Skin

Coffee Exfoliator 3Hi friends,

Show of hands, who here likes to start their day with a good cup of coffee?

I’m going to imagine that most of your hands just shot up into the air.

Now, how many of you are trying to kick the habit?

There is so much debate whether coffee is a health food or the devil. I think it really depends on your consumption. If you are drinking 5 cups a day, then, yea you are probably dependent on it and all that caffeine can cause anxiety and mess with your sleep, but if you stick to one to two cups a day, there are a lot of health benefits to your daily cup o’.

Coffee 1Did you know that coffee improves brain function and contains a ton of antioxidants?

In fact, coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the American diet!

Coffee has been proven as a natural fat burner and a physical performance enhancer. (So, go ahead and have a cup 30 minutes before a workout.) Coffee also may protect against type 2 diabetes, liver cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and is good for the heart.

Coffee Exfoliator 1So I think I’ve established where I stand on the coffee debate. I, personally have about 2 cups of coffee a day. There’s something comforting and ritualistic about making a cup first thing in the morning that I really enjoy. I also sip my coffee slowly so it usually lasts an hour or two.

Coffee Exfoliator 4The health benefits of coffee are impressive, but I like my coffee to do even more. (Call me an overachiever.) I’ve come up with some beauty hacks for coffee that have made an impressive difference in my skin over the last few months and I’m going to share them with you.

Coffee Exfoliator 6 To start, I used to dump the coffee grinds into the trash after I made our morning pot of french press, but I now save them to use in the shower as an exfoliator. The grinds are too rough to use on your face, but they are perfect for the rest of your body and in addition to leaving your skin super soft, the caffeine may help to smooth away cellulite. Not admitting I have cellulite, buuuut

(Did anyone else catch that unintended pun? I swear, I didn’t do that on purpose haha!)

Bonus: If you self-tan then you know that it’s a good idea to exfoliate beforehand, but any kind of oils or moisturizers in your exfoliator can cause streakiness. Coffee grinds are the perfect solution 😉

Coffee with GelatinMy second coffee hack has made a huge difference in my face. I used to have some faint fine lines on my forehead that I could especially see when I woke up in the morning. Not cool.

I had a container of gelatin that I had only used a few times. Gelatin is having a huge moment right now, and for good reason. I’ll do a whole post on it soon, but to abbreviate, gelatin is pretty much pure collagen and has a number of health and beauty benefits. It helps with digestion and is great for joints, skin, hair and nails. The usual way to ingest it is by making it into fruit gummies or marshmallows, but I found that to be a little time consuming, so it was hanging out in my pantry NOT giving me any of those benefits.

One morning I thought to add it to my coffee and it worked perfectly! It’s flavorless and undetectable and I seriously see a difference in my skin. I’ve been using it every day and those little lines are gone!

There’s one key step to follow when adding gelatin to coffee. The gelatin needs to “bloom” which just means in order for it to dissolve fully, it needs to be stirred into something cold for about 30 seconds. I add about a tablespoon to hemp milk, stir it and then add hot coffee.

Coffee and Gelatin 1There you go! I love these coffee hacks. They are things I can do every day to see a real improvement in my skin, they are quick and easy, and I get to feel good about my daily cup.

Where do you stand on the coffee debate?

Do you like these types of posts? I have some more beauty and health hacks to share if you do, so speak up in the comments below and let me know!


With so much love,